Children who will reach the age of five years on or before 30th April may commence school in January of that year.


Starting school page - This page contains information for families on how to enrol their child in a Victorian government school for Foundation (Prep) for the 2024 school year.


School Zones

Our school zone is available on https://www.findmyschool.vic.gov.au/ which hosts the most up-to-date information on school zones in Victoria.


DET Placement Policy


Parents are required to complete a Confidential Student Enrolment form prior to their child commencing school. A birth certificate and Immunisation Status certificate is also required for Prep enrolments.


An enrolment form may be obtained from the school office or below.


Enrolment Form

Student Permissions


Parent Payments

Under the Department of Education and Training’s Parent payment policy, Victorian government schools are required to provide transparent information to their school community on voluntary parent/carer contributions.
The following documents outline the voluntary parent/carer contributions at our school:

Parent Payment Policy LRPS

DET Parent Payment Policy


Confidential Information
It is most important that your family details given on the Confidential Student Information form be kept up to date. Please notify the school if there are any subsequent changes to this information, e.g. Change of address, telephone number or emergency contact.


It is essential that parents give complete and accurate information to the school. If your child has a medical history of asthma, anaphylaxis, epilepsy, diabetes, allergies etc; the school must be informed of medication prescribed, especially preventative measures.


Medication Authority Form

Asthma Action Plan

Allergy Action Plan

Anaphylaxis Action Plan

Epilepsy Action Plan


Emergency Contact
Personal details listed on the family enrolment form have proved extremely important in ensuring that your child is quickly taken care of in the case of illness or an accident.

In situations requiring further care or treatment, the parent and other parent nominated emergency contact person will be contacted immediately.


Camp, Sport and Excursion Funds (CSEF)
The Camp, Sport and Excursion Funds (CSEF) is provided by the Government to help meet the educational needs of your children. To be eligible for CSEF, families must have a current Health Care Card. Full details are available from the office.


CSEF Application


If illness or injury is serious and parents or a contact person cannot be located, the child will be conveyed to either a local clinic or casualty section of the Latrobe Regional Hospital.

In an emergency the ambulance is called. Parents are therefore encouraged to be ambulance subscribers. The cost of any ambulance transport required will be the parents’ responsibility.

Parent Involvement

We welcome, and are most appreciative of, the tremendous contributions made by parents to our school programs. Such involvement assists us in the achievement of many of our academic and social objectives.


Parents support the staff and their children’s education by participating in sporting and cultural activities, assisting in classroom and intervention programs, and processing resources.


Parent Queries Regarding Information or Assistance
Parents are welcome to approach the school in relation to any matter of concern.  Please come to the office and arrange to see the Principal or Assistant Principal.  Parent members of School Council are only too willing to bring any concerns or questions to the attention of a full meeting of the Council. Please make use of your representatives and help keep everyone well informed.  We want to know about your views, concerns and ideas.


Naming Belongings
We ask that your child’s name be clearly marked on all articles that are brought to school, especially coats, windcheaters and jumpers.  All clothing that has been unclaimed will be placed in a central position for children and parents to sort through.  The lost property area is located outside the Reading Recovery Room.  Unclaimed items unable to be used by the school will be donated to charitable organisations at the end of each term.



Pick Up and Drop Off
At Liddiard Road Primary School we care for the safety and wellbeing of all our students. Very busy streets surround our school and it is essential that parents observe the parking restrictions when picking up and dropping off children. No Parking is allowed in the school grounds. This area is supervised by staff before and after school. 


Please be aware that parking inspectors regularly patrol the area and will post infringement notices on cars parked illegally.



DET Placement Policy


Information Book


Information Book


School Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy