Lunch Orders & Food at School

Healthy snacks and nutritious lunches aid childrens' concentration and provide much needed energy and brain food required throughout the school day.


All children are seated and supervised by the teacher on duty when eating lunch between 1.15 and 1.30pm.


Lunch Orders
Lunches are provided by McNairn Road Convenience Store.  Orders should be brought to the office prior to school starting at 8.45am.  A menu is available from the office.

Orders need to be in an envelope with the child’s name and room number and what they would like to order written clearly on the front of envelope with the money enclosed. It is very important your child’s room number is on the envelope as this helps with sorting the lunches into grades.


Lunch Order Price List

Parents' Club Lunches
Parents' Club offer hot dazzler lunches at certain times during the year.


Children are encouraged to bring bottles of drinking water.  Water bottles containing water only, may be taken into classrooms. Please do not send drinks in glass containers or cans.


Play Lunch
Due to the 1.15pm time slot for lunch, we strongly recommend that a substantial, healthy morning playlunch be sent to school.