Transition Programs

The school is proud of both its Preschool to Prep and Senior School to Secondary Transition Programs.  


Preschool to Prep Transition
Regular visits between preschools are held and strong relationships have been formed with our neighborhood preschools. School experience sessions are offered to all local preschools and day care centers.


Following this an extensive transition program is run prior to grade placements, allowing staff to build a strong rapport with students and gather personal learning styles. This information, together with the Transition Statement is used in forming grades. Students become familiar with their learning environment and excited about school.


Grade 6 to Year 7 Transition
A Grade 6 to Year 7 transition program has been established with the Traralgon Secondary College and many activities are scheduled to assist in the transition process.

Additional visits are planned for integration and other students identified as ‘at risk’ in learning to build confidence and to familiarise students with their new surroundings.