Student Wellbeing

The wellbeing of our students and their academic success are our highest priorities. We pride ourselves on the strength of relationships developed between students and between students and teachers.  


Liddiard Road Primary has a strong, well staffed Student Well Being Team consisting of


  • Principal - Peter Haberl
  • Assistant Principal - Lisa van Rooy
  • Primary Welfare Officer’s- Susan Sleswick and Sharon Sandy
  • Student Engagement - Richard Price
  • Program For Students With Disabilities Co-ordinator - Dianne Ellis
  • LCH School Nurse - Sheryrn Linton
  • Koori Engagement Support Officer (KESO)- Vera Harrold 

The Student Support Team assists students in a variety of ways, including day to day assistance with school and out of school life where needed. 


School Nurse

Our School Nurse is a part of the Wellbeing Team and is on site 3 days a week.

She is able to assist students and their families with all heath issues.


Deadly Hands

Koorie Engagement Support Officer (KESO)

Our School KESO is an important support for Aboriginal students in our school. The role of KESOs is to engage and support Aboriginal students, their families, teachers and school staff.


Student Wellbeing Programs 

Grade 6 Activity Groups – SHINE AND CHAMPS

Shine and Champs are empowerment groups for our Year 6 students. At the start of the year students select which group best suits their skillset and their needs and remain in that group for the year.


Shine Group

Once a week, we come together to take part in fun activities, designed to promote acceptance and cohesion and to encourage our Year 6 students to be themselves. We work on building confidence to allow students to value who they are as individuals.  

The group is given fantastic opportunities to take part in craft and artistic activities and to participate in team building exercises.



This group is designed for senior students to participate in 'hands on' activities that connect the students to the school outside of the classroom dynamic. Champs fosters a sense of team, achievement and pride in the school, all whilst developing useful life skills. Activities include construction of playground equipment, school maintenance and garden beautification.


Aged Care Visits
Once a fortnight our junior school councillors walk to a local aged care hostel to spend time with the elderly residents there. These fortnightly visits are very successful in developing relationships, promoting social skills and developing a sense of civic responsibility.






Breakfast Club

We run a free breakfast program from Tuesday to Friday for our students. The program runs from the hall kitchen, starting at  8:15 am to 8:35 am and provides a healthy and nutritious start to the day, children receive a healthy breakfast of toast, fruit, cereal, fruit juice and Milo.



Our environmental leaders comprise of students from years 5 and 6. They are students who are interested in improving our school environment through different actions and initiatives.

The environmental leaders meet on a regular basis to monitor and undertake environmental initiatives around the school.  


These include:


  • Thinking of ways to improve school environmental actions.
  • Looking after the chickens at play times and doing gardening activities around our school grounds.
  • Meeting visitors who come to the school to see our school Garden.
  • Visit other schools and take part in environmental activities.

Our school has a vegetable garden that promotes healthy eating attitudes, exposure to new tastes and a sense of community and sharing the planting, care, harvesting and cooking are overseen by enthusiastic staff members and student environment leaders.



Class Dojo
Aside from being a key communication tool for teachers and parents, Class Dojo is a motivational reward system that operates throughout the school that promotes positive behaviours, good work habits, attendance and personal qualities such as kindness, sharing and helping others. The students are awarded points that then translate into a crypto currency where they can ‘spend’ their points at the Dojo Shop. The Dojo shop is stocked with items that range between small things such as toys, games, fancy pens, puzzles (50pts) up to more extravagant items such as BMX bikes and pizzas parties (600 points).


The students save their points and have the opportunity to redeem them at the Dojo Shop once a week when it is open for business.