Student Leadership

At Liddiard Road Primary School, we believe students need to be at the centre of their learning and should have true ownership of their school. Students are given opportunities to have input into decisions, voice concerns and make suggestions to improve their school, as well as becoming more aware of the wider community.

Leadership is integral to lifelong learning. All students should have the opportunity to demonstrate and develop leadership skills. Student leadership roles include School Captains, House Captains, Student Representative Council members and Respectful Positive Learner Team members.


Junior School Council


The Junior School Council is made up of students from Years 3-6. Students participate in fortnightly meetings to give students an opportunity to not only share views, but also have input into decision making. The JSC organise and run school activities such as fundraising days/events and special assemblies. They also participate in leadership development sessions and are actively involved in the composition of lunchtime activities. Every other fortnight the students  visit a local aged care facility. These visits have been successful in developing relationships, promoting social skills, and developing a sense of civic responsibility.


JSC (Junior School Council) 

Ariannah, Lilah, Charlie, Peleki, Kylie, Miah, Savanah, Savannah,

Jayde, Ashley, Brody, Bell, Mattie, Goy, Jaxon and Todd.



School Captains/Vice Captains

Reid, Adhieu, Warren and Chloe.



Many students strive to become our Year 6 School Captains. It is a highly respected role, that the students take pride in. We appoint two School Captains and two School Vice Captains each year. The School Captains, thank special guests for coming to our school, run the School Assembly and are active members of the Junior School Council.



House Captains

Yellow - Tyler and Sianna

Blue - Jordan and Sierra

Red -  Djirra and Alex

Green - Caleb and Gemma


The role of the House Captain is to encourage all students to participate in house activities and house events. They are chosen from grade 5 and 6 students.


Our environmental leaders comprise of students from years 5 and 6. They are students who are interested in improving our school environment through different actions and initiatives.


The environmental leaders meet on a regular basis to monitor and undertake environmental initiatives around the school.  


These include:

  • thinking of ways to improve school environmental actions.
  • looking after the animals at play times and doing gardening activities around our school grounds.
  • meeting visitors who come to the school to see our school Garden.
  • visit other schools to take part in environmental activities.

Our school has a vegetable garden that promotes healthy eating attitudes, exposure to new tastes and a sense of community and sharing the planting, care, harvesting and cooking are overseen by enthusiastic staff members and student environment leaders. 



Sam, Charlotte, Bayley, Chudier, Jasper, Alexis, Xavier, Lachlan,

Nate and Emily



Reading Tutors


The Student Reading Tutors are a part of our Student Leadership team at LRPS. The Reading Tutors undergo training, and then meet with their little buddy twice a week to develop their reading skills, help to build their confidence and to have fun together talking about books.


Reading Tutors

Brooke, Annabelle, Eli, Astrid, Tangi, Melinda, Ella, Domanyc,

Cruz, Zoe, Matilda, Ellameira and Rhylee.